Sir Mic - I Cant Help It (just 79p​!​!​)

by Sir Mic

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The second single from Sir Mic,'I Cant Help It'
Track recorded with Danny C at Aim Records,South London.
Mixed and mastered by Shea O Stedford at Shea Noo Studios
Produced by Kajmir Royale



I cant help it,i just lose control
there nothing i can do (i cant help it)
i cant help it,i cant help myself ( when the drinks come out at night,we get selfish)

x 2

Verse 1

Finished work,retreated 5.30
looked clocked like 'god is it that early'
If there one thing i need
after the week iv had and the grief is a drink with my codeys
not being sober and lowkey,so im on the phone like so D
'im so in the zone,i need to let go
get a couple drinks,get down in the mode'
yea one of them ones
cashflows right if you want them i can lend some
thats what friends are for,its bless
poured a drink and said 'get one of them son'
went rum,then coke,then a little diasarono
went from a little sip to a bigger one
now the three of us are on some wavey flex,jumping round in a photo
no pogo,few more then the room moves slo mo
called a cab to go straight to town
coz we need to dash or it gets a bit loco
leave house,air hits face
jump in a cab,small talks too bait
so i say to the driver,that tune there
turn it up more mate,and crank up the bass
mans got taste
everyone screwing up thier faces
lights flash on the places we pass
my boy points his finger on the glass and said
'that bar there we aint visited for ages'
so we exit,into raw hecticness and more wrecked kids on a next tip
walked up to the entrance
i know its naughty,but what can i say i cant help it


Verse 2

So we walk past the bouncers,trying our best to not appear too rowdy
and i dont want the night to flop so im thinking
'If i look a little twisted lowe me'
wow wee
we get in,head to the bar
order a pint and its cloudy
so i dash it right off
order 3 white shots of aftershock to get bouncy
touch glasses,count to 3
one big glug and its down with ease
leave the bar,on a prowling ting
scour the dancefloor and around the seats
when i see this pretty little mixed race ting
by the stairs,looking at me while playing with her hair
and im thinking 'yeeah'
i could either chirps or act like im too cool to care
i do the latter,and hope for a later link
and carry on to the males where i face the sink
look up to myself in the mirror
and the realisation hits,iv had too much to drink
i take a sec to pause
deep breaths,compose myself
tell myself that im sober,no one else knows otherwise
exepct for the guy in the corner
shouting 'no spray no lay' like an order
so i feel like i need to fresh up
pay then leave coz i need to get some
look round for my boys,see the same girl that i saw before
look in her eyes,prepare to speak
over her head
i see my boys in beef,i gotta leave



released September 19, 2011



all rights reserved


Sir Mic Bournemouth, UK

I am a multi genre mc from Bournemouth, now based in South London, just trying to represent myself in the best light

I have received radio play in many places from Fire FM to BBC Radio and on the live circuit have supported the likes of Tinie Tempah, Sway, Mic Righteous, So Solid Crew and many more. Ive also been supported via media outlets such as SBTV, Jump Off TV , FKN Famous and SMT Daily
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